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The Potato Park and Asociación ANDES at Connecticut College
The Potato Park and Asociación ANDES at Connecticut College2013-11-06

From September 14 to 17, 2013, representatives of the Potato Park and Asociación ANDES were invited to Connecticut College to make a series of classroom and public presentations on Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples. The visit was hosted by the Center for Race and Ethnicity, and follows on previous collaboration between Connecticut College, Asociación ANDES and the Potato Park. 

 In January 2013 a group of 5 professors from a global program at Connecticut College visited the Potato Park as part of an exploratory tour of South America. Based on that initial contact, a proposal for future learning opportunities was developed. In August, a group of Connecticut College students participating in a semester of studies in Lima, Peru, were able to visit the Potato Park and learn from community leaders and experts on a range of themes, including bio-cultural heritage and conservation, climate change, and food sovereignty. The homestay program at the Potato Park offered a unique opportunity to experience life in indigenous farming communities. 

 The most recent event in the collaboration was the visit of Adrian Chipa Tacuri and Ricardina Pacco Ccapa of the Potato Park, together with Tammy Stenner of  Asociación ANDES, who traveled to Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut for a series of presentations. The presentations focused on climate change and adaptation strategies of Andean farmers, and included reflections on traditional agricultural systems and diversity, sumaq kausay (Andean cosmovision) and food sovereignty.

The public audience and student groups expressed a great deal of interest in the presentations, and had many questions, as well as words of encouragement for the great work that the communities in the Potato Park are doing in conserving their bio-cultural heritage, traditional farming system and diversity of crops, and especially for sharing their experiences as part of their efforts to change climate policy and practices that impact all of us. 

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