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Endogenous development - Runa Ayllu


The Runa Ayllu program component engages indigenous communities in developing alternative models of development that incorporate traditional knowledge and innovations.
At the Potato Park indigenous communities work together in different areas, such  as ecotourism; crafts; medicinal plants and natural products; gastronomy; video production; and potato seed production.

The development of an e
cotourism program at the Potato Park is providing ecoomic incentives for conservation, especially by supplementing local income with value-added products based on native crop species. This is an important first step in dealing with various complex problems that indigenous peoples face in their efforts to co-exist as traditional societies in the fast-paced global community.

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project serves as a model for locally-driven sustainable development in other indigenous communities and on the global scale, ensuring appropriate community development processes and the sustainable management of mountain resources.

The collectives seek a higher quality of products in traditional activities. For example, the gastronomy collective develops new recipes based on native products. They are in charge of a restaurant that caters to the visitors coming through the ecotourism program. The handicrafts collective produces weavings of high quality, and the medicinal plants and natural products collective works on developing new products. The resources gained are distributed among the communities supporting an equitable economy, based on the traditional understanding of redistribution.

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Asociación ANDES
Street Ciro Alegria H-13, Urb. Santa Monica - Wanchaq
Postal code Nº 567, Cusco - Peru
Phone: 51-84-245021
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