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Open Source Seeds Initiative (OSSI)

Re-Purposing the Master’s Tools: The Open Source Seed Initiative...Re-Purposing the Master’s Tools: The Open Source Seed Initiative...
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Abstract Any reasonable vision of food sovereignty must necessarily encompass what might be called“seed sovereignty,” a condition which farmers have enjoyed for most of human history but of which they have been recently dispossessed. Corporate appropriation of plant genetic resources, development of transgenic crops, and the global imposition of intellectual property rights are now widely recognized as serious constraints on the free exchange of seeds and the development of new cultivars by farmers, public breeders, and small seed companies. In response, legal and operational mechanisms drawn from the open source software movement have been proposed for deployment in plant breeding. Open source licenses mandate freedom of derivative use but do not prohibit market sale. In the United States, an Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) has been organized by a working group of plant breeders, farmers, non-governmental organizations and sustainable food system advocates. OSSI promotes innovative plant breeding that produces resilient and productive cultivars adapted to a multiplicity of sustainable agroecosystems. It works to encourage and reward the sharing rather than the restriction of germplasm, to revitalize public plant breeding,and to integrate the skills and capacities of farmers with those of plant scientists. A key tool for achieving these goals is development of open source licenses that preserve the right to use material for breeding and the right of farmers to save and replant seed. http://www.yale.edu/agrarianstudies/foodsovereignty/pprs/56_Kloppenburg_2013.pdf

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Street Ciro Alegria H-13, Urb. Santa Monica - Wanchaq
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