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At ANDES people with different backgrounds and experience work together, each bringing his or her skills and knowledge to contribute toward the execution of the projects, programs and vision. We work with communal technicians who represent each of the Indigenous Biocultural Territories [IBCT] proposed by ANDES. This currently includes the Potato Park, the Spiritual Park of Vilcanota, Lares and Wakarpay, which are in diverse stages of implementation. ANDES' team also includes Peruvians and foreigners, hired-staff and volunteers who work in the administration of ANDES and in specific research, conservation and development projects. Two directors, two administrators, an executive assistant, field coordinators, and a computer technician are other members of the team. Although they may be assigned to specific projects, the personnel also collaborates in projects and activities in other areas. For example, the technicians and personnel of the Potato Park frequently travel to the other AIBHs to share information and to lead training programs. ANDES also benefits from the contribution of volunteers from indigenous communities as well as national and international volunteers.


Executive Direction

Cesar Argumedo, Administrative Director    cesar@andes.org.pe  

Alejandro Argumedo, Program Director    alejandro@andes.org.pe

Tammy Stenner, Executive Assistant    tammy@andes.org.pe


Carolina Ichillumpa, Chief Financial Officer carolina@andes.org.pe

Ruth Zuloaga , Accountant    ruth@andes.org.pe

Ysabell Moron, Financial Assistant      ysabell@andes.org.pe

Valeria Yucra, Office Assistant ad Concierge    valeria@andes.org.pe

Yuli Rado Huarcaya, Administrative and Human Resources Coordinator  yuli@andes.org.pe

Core support

Arascelly Heredia, Communications Technology Specialist  arascelly@andes.org.pe

Enrique Granados, Logistical support, Audiovisual Techology Support   kike@andes.org.pe

Program Staff **

Hernán Mormontoy Santander, Programs and Projects Administrator   @andes.org.pe

Vanesa Ramos, Researcher (SIFOR, IFAD)       vanesa@andes.org.pe

Jhanci Huamputupa, Agronomist (GCDT, SIFOR)   jhanci@andes.org.pe

Lino Loayza, Field Coordinator (SIFOR, IFAD)    lino@andes.org.pe

Noe Ramirez , Researcher (IFAD)     noe@andes.org.pe

Sofia VillafuerteFarmer Field School Coordinator (IFAD)    sofia@andes.org.pe

Celia Montalvo Program Coordinator( TCF)   celia@andes.org.pe

Roxana Ayquipa, Biocultural Tourism Coordinator (TCF)   roxana@andes.org.pe

Maria Aguirre, Communications Consultant (TCF)    maria@andes.org.pe

Local technicians

Lares Project

Petronila Quispe Quispe (IFAD)

María Chasin Zúñiga (IFAD)

Brígido Choque Ramos (IFAD)

Valentina Abiles Tapara (IFAD)

Aniceto Condori Mamani (IFAD)

Juan Victor Oblitas Chasin (IFAD)

Potato Park

 Nazario Quispe,  Chahuaytire Community

 Elisban Tacuri, Amaru Community

Adrian Chipa,  Amaru Community

 Lino Mamani,  Pampallaqta Community

Mariano Sutta,  Pampallaqta Community

Ricardo Pacco, Paru Paru Community

Pedro Condori,  Paru Paru Community

Walter Quispe,  Paru Paru Community

 Aniceto Ccoyo Ccoyo,  Sacaca Community


Alejandro Argumedo - International Coordinator    alejandro@andes.org.pe

Lucy Stanus - Policy Coordinator    lucy@andes.org.pe

3005-2017 Papa Watay
2803-2017 20 Wata Hunt'ay ANDES
0505-2016 Biocultural Festival and Concert
Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy
Lok Chetna Manch, India
IIED - International Institute for the Environment and Development
The Christensen Fund
Oxfam Novib
Asociación ANDES
Calle Saqsayhuaman H-9, Urb. Manuel Prado
Casilla Postal Nº 567, Cusco - Peru
Tel: 51-84-245021
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